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Punishment is Coming by shokxone-studios Punishment is Coming by shokxone-studios
Yet another TeeFury hopeful, this time with a mashup something so obvious I'm amazed no one beat me to it - at least not from the minimal searching I did beforehand. One the Punisher skull with the direwolf twist was drawn out, the rest came pretty easily, as plenty of quality reference images for Arya's outfit and Maisie Williams' face were quite plentiful. After I vectorized the inked drawing and began laying out colors (bottom row, third picture), I was surprised to see it had taken a sort of Mike Mignola look; part of me wanted to explore that a little further, but I really like what eventually came of the shading.

Adding in a background element was the hardest part, as much as the image of Arya herself looked great all on its own, I think it needed a little something extra to sell the concept. First I had a line of enemy sigils (Lannister, Frey, etc.) crossed out, but I couldn't get the layout to look right. I then tried a splatter in the shape of Westeros overlayed with the names of Arya's bedtime kill-list prayer, but that just wasn't working either. Finally the text came to the mind, and it all fell into place like I hoped it would.
Malco65 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I hope
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March 9, 2014
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